Tuesday, 15 Oct 2019

Day: June 10, 2019

IdealRatings to provide suite of ESG data, expanding State Street’s ESG Solutions, ESGX® Offering

BOSTON and SAN FRANCISCO, June 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — IdealRatings, Inc. today announced a new collaboration with State Street Corporation, demonstrating both entities’ commitments to support the global integration of ESG material risk management strategies into investment decision making processes, using unique ESG data elements. IdealRatings will be providing State Street with underlying data points of up to 40,000 […]

‫آيديال ريتنغز تقدم محفظة بيانات إي أس جي، موسعة حلول شركة ستيت ستريت، المتمثلة في عروض ESGX®

بوسطن وسان فرانسيسكو، 10 حزيران/يونيو، 2019 / بي آر نيوزواير / — أعلنت شركة آيديال ريتنغز إنك اليوم عن تعاون جديد مع شركة ستيت ستريت، ما يدلل على التزام الشركتين بدعم الدمج العالمي لاستراتيجيات مخاطر مواد إي أس جي (ESG) الخاصة بعمليات اتخاذ القرارات بشأن الاستثمار باستخدام عناصر مواد إي أس جaي. ستقوم آيديال ريتنغز […]

IIM Indore in Collaboration With Jigsaw Academy to Launch a 10-month Integrated Program in Business Analytics

BANGALORE, India, June 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Due to constant demand and ever-increasing focus on developing new insights and understanding of how data is used to power business decisions, the Indian Institute of Management, Indore is all set to launch a 10-month Integrated Program in Business Analytics. This program will be in collaboration with Jigsaw Academy, India’s top ranked […]

‫إس بيليغرينو تعلن الفريق المبدئي للمرشحين الشباب الذين وقع عليهم الاختيار في نسخة 2020 من مسابقة إس بيليغرينو “S.Pellegrino” لشباب الطهاة

زادت الطلبات على نسخة 2020 من المسابقة العالمية بنسبة 20% مقارنة بالنسخة الماضية، كما زادت نسبة مشاركة الطاهيات بين المرشحين إلى 10% مما يدل على زيادة الاهتمام بمبادرة إس بيليغرينو “S.Pellegrino” العالمية. ميلانو، 10 يونيو / حزيران، 2019 /PRNewswire/ — هناك الآن 135 من مرشحي شباب الطهاة من 12 منطقة تمثل 50 دولة على بعد […]

Haval Strengthens Sino-Russian Economic Cooperation with Completion of Tula Factory

MOSCOW, June 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Haval SUV (“Haval”), China’s leading SUV brand, has unveiled its completed factory in Tula, Russia and presented Haval F7 – the first rolled-off SUV from Tula Factory to President Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin, ushering in a new era of Sino-Russian relations on the 70th anniversary of economic […]

Stern Words From Iran: US Cannot ‘Expect to Stay Safe’

TEHRAN, IRAN, Iran’s foreign minister warned the U.S. on Monday that it “cannot expect to stay safe” after launching what he described as an economic war against Tehran, taking a hard-line stance amid a visit by Germany’s top diplomat seeking to defuse…

About 100 Malians killed in attack on Dogon village

BAMAKO, At least 95 people were killed in an overnight attack on an ethnic Dogon village in central Mali, local officials said on Monday.Fighting between Dogon hunters and Fulani herders has killed hundreds since January, including a March attack in wh…

Saudi Embassy Holds Eid Reception, in Ankara

Ankara, Saudi Ambassador to Turkey Eng. Waleed bin Abdulkarim Al-Khiraiji held, at the embassy, an Eid reception here today.The reception was attended by the embassy staff, other Saudi nationals working, at affiliate offices and various Saudi residents…

Oil Prices Rise After Saudi Statements

BAGHDAD, Oil prices rose on Monday rose after Saudi Arabia said OPEC and Russia should limit supplies at current levels, while Washington withdrew the threat of customs taxes on Mexico to defuse a cloud that has cast a shadow over the global economy.Ac…