Thursday, 13 Aug 2020

Day: July 4, 2020

‫تخفيض قيمة الاستثمار للحصول على الجنسية العائلية من اتحاد سانت كيتس ونيفيس حتى نهاية عام 2020

خُفضت قيمة المساهمة اللازمة للحصول على الجنسية من 195 ألف دولار أمريكي إلى 150 ألف دولار أمريكي لكل أسرة وفقًا لما أعلنته وحدة الجنسية مقابل الاستثمار التابعة لاتحاد سانت كيتس ونيفيس. باستير، سانت كيتس ونيفيس، 4 يوليو 2020 /PRNewswire/ –أعلن اليوم فخامة الدكتور تيموثي هاريس رئيس وزراء اتحاد سانت كيتس ونيفيس عن تخفيض كبير ولفترة محدودة […]

‫المواطنة مقابل الاستثمار: خفض مؤقت لقيمة المساهمة العائلية المطلوبة إلى 150 ألف دولار أمريكي

لندن، 3 يوليو 2020 /PRNewswire/ — خفضت وحدة المواطنة مقابل الاستثمار التابعة لاتحاد سانت كيتس ونيفيس في 3 يوليو الحد الأدنى من المساهمة التي يجب على العائلات تقديمها للحصول على المواطنة الاقتصادية. وبذلك تقدم العائلات المكونة من أربعة أفراد مساهمتها إلى صندوق النمو المستدام بقيمة 150 ألف دولار أمريكي بدلاً من 195 ألف دولار أمريكي بموجب […]

According to Swiss Health Authorities, Iraq is among the most dangerous countries to contract coronavirus

Baghdad, The Swiss Health Authorities issued a list of the most dangerous countries due to the new virus, which includes 28 countries, including the United States, Brazil, and Iraq among the 5 Arab countries. The Swiss Health Authorities have indicated that, starting next Monday, travelers from Switzerland with these countries will be required to quarantine […]

Tokyo metropolitan Reports 131 New Coronavirus Cases

Tokyo, Tokyo metropolitan government reported 131 new daily coronavirus infections here today, the most substantial daily increase in two months, raising the tally of the infected to over 20,000, in Japan, Kyodo News Agency reported. On Friday, the Tokyo metropolitan government has confirmed 124 cases, following 107 cases the previous day. However, the pace of […]

Minister of Foreign Affairs Receives Phone Call from his Chinese Counterpart

Riyadh, His Highness Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah, Minister of Foreign Affairs, received a phone call today from His Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Wang Yi. During the call, they discussed bilateral relations and strategic partnership between the two friendly countries, and ways to enhance & […]

Governor of Qassim Region to Inaugurate World Largest Camels’ Hospital

Buraydah, Prince Dr. Faisal bin Mishaal bin Saud bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Qassim Region is set to inaugurate the Camels’ Hospital project, on Sunday. Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture Abdulrahman bin Abdulmohsen Al-Fadhli, is to attend the ceremony. It is worth mentioning that the camels’ hospital was established at a cost of more than […]

UK Confirmed COVID Death Toll Rises to 44,198, up 67

LONDON, The United Kingdom’s death toll from confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus has risen by 67 to 44,198 in the last day, Reuters quoted the government as saying today.   Source: Saudi Press Agency

PMU, UNESCO Sign Partnership Agreement

Dammam, Vice President of Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University (PMU) for Academic Affairs, Dr. Faisal Yousef Al-Anezi, signed a partnership agreement with officials of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization “UNESCO” in France, for cooperation in the fields of research, education and youth development. On the occasion, Dr. Al-Anezi said this agreement is […]

U.S. Reports 749 New Deaths from COVID-19

Washington, The United States of America recorded 52,492 new confirmed infections and 749 deaths as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicated that the number of infections reached 2,784,452 cases to date, while the number of deaths reached 129,393 deaths.   Source: Saudi Press […]