54 million Pilgrims Served by Saudi Arabia, in 25 Years

Riyadh, The total number of pilgrims served by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the past 25 years, is 53,928,358 pilgrims, according to the official statistics of the General Authority for Statistics.

Hajj season of 1415 recorded the lowest number of pilgrims, during the past 25 years, as their number in that year reached 3.161.573 pilgrims, Hajj season of 1433 H. registered the climax with 31,161,573 pilgrims while the number of pilgrims during the last ten years stood at 23,834,151 pilgrims.

The official spokesman of the authority Tayseer Al-Mufraj said that the task of limiting pilgrims' number, every year, is one of the most important tasks that the authority has the honor to undertake, since 1390 AH, in order to provide accurate information that may help all state agencies to plan and develop everything related to the service of the guests of Allah and to continue throughout the years to witness development and improvement in the methods of counting, inventory and statistics, in an effort to achieve the highest degree of professionalism, accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Al-Mufraj added that the Hajj statistics program aims to complete all future plans for the purpose of providing the necessary services for the pilgrims, whether social or health, food or transportation, using a time series of accurate data on the number of pilgrims, in addition to estimating the manpower needed to serve the pilgrims and maintain their safety and comfort, during the pilgrimage season each year, in Makkah and other holy places, taking into consideration when preparing the necessary plans for this, as well as providing accurate information and data on Hajj statistics for researchers, scholars and all possible beneficiaries.

The official spokesman announced that the authority will announce the statistics of services provided by government agencies to guests of the Rahman periodically from the first of Dhu al-Hijjah, on.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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