A number of caches and hundreds of IEDs and explosive belts found in the villages of Kirkuk

Baghdad, The federal police found a number of caches and hundreds of improvised explosive devices and explosive belts in a number of villages in Kirkuk.

Spokesman for the Center for Security Information Brigadier Yehia Rasool said in a statement that "the federal police units within the operations of Kirkuk province began to search areas and villages of Kirkuk and resulted in the discovery of a factory to manufacture the explosive devices and two belts, 6 bombs of different types that were destroyed and 9 rulers of detonation and archives belonging to the leadership of the Daesh gangs.

He added that the "Federal forces also found a cache to the terrorists and inside it 4 explosive belts, three of which were dismantled, one destroyed, various military suits, foodstuffs and documents of the terrorist's dossier containing lists of names were found. Another federal police force found another cache containing the words" and an additional bomb was found in the village of Bani Hassan, and 325 improvised explosive devices were detonated inside the village of Kudayla by the engineering effort of the 16th Iraqi Army Division, which was previously raised during the clearing operations.

He explained that "the operation also resulted in the arrest of 3 elements of the Daesh criminal gangs at the checkpoint of Makhmour - Erbil .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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