A number of defendants in cases of murder, drugs, theft and coup arrested in a number of areas of Baghdad

BAGHDAD, The detachments of the Directorate of Crime Control in Baghdad arrested a number of defendants and wanted persons to the judiciary according to different legal and criminal materials and based on the arrest warrants issued by the judicial authorities.

The statement of the Directorate said that the detachments of the Office of Combating Crime of Doura arrested (3) suspects and in their possession (4 kg of the material of Hashish , 250 grams of the substance of the drug and the cartel and counterfeit currency category 50 thousand and 25 thousand dinars and seized a vehicle type Jksara) , while the arrest of a gang of armed robbery in the Bayaa area stole (jewelry worth 30 million Iraqi dinars and the amount of money estimated at 7 million dinars), as well as a defendant wanted in the case of killing in the Husseiniya and another one accused of kidnapping in the new Baghdad area "and arrested two suspects for stealing and trading with the antiquities in the center of Baghdad. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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