A sharp drop in the value of the Turkish lira despite all the measures taken

Istanbul, The value of the Turkish lira has been hit by a sharp new fall despite all measures taken by the Turkish authorities to curb the deterioration in its value.

The value of the Turkish lira reached about 575 liras per hundred dollars on Friday morning, which was not reached in the near future by economic conditions, the delegate of the /NINA / said

She pointed out that the Turkish authorities are trying hard to address the situation and this deterioration to no avail . Where the specialists in currency trading stressed that the slippage of the value of the lira will not be dealt with superficial actions and must be radical treatments with more moderate political positions, especially with the United States and the European Group, which takes Turkey's positions on human rights

She pointed out that there is a large demand by foreigners and Iraqis in particular to buy apartments as a result of the depreciation of the lira and the currency the sale and purchase are dealt with, which is a temptation for foreigners to invest the opportunity, especially in the tourist areas and Antalya in the forefront,

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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