Al-Abadi to the people of Babylon: We respond to the demands of the people through real, medium and strategic solutions

BAGHDAD, Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi said that the government responds to popular demands through real-time, medium and strategic solutions."

"Victory over Daesh gangs is a challenge to our unity, and we will achieve construction, reconstruction, services and jobs in our unity as well, because we need a revolution for cooperation," Al-Abadi said during a meeting with a delegation of elders, dignitaries and local government in the province of Babylon, in the presence of the provincial services and reconstruction committee.

He added that our country has good and fair distribution, and the duty of the state is to care for everyone. After we announced the military victory a few months ago we started the work of construction and reconstruction and services, and we have developed the necessary plans and strategies, and we listen to the demands of citizens and issue decisions and directions for their implementation, "noting that the biggest corruption is the waste of public money. "

"We will achieve a new achievement in reconstruction, construction, services and employment opportunities through our cooperation, we are in one boat."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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