Al-Masari calls on the judiciary to expedite the counting and manual sorting and exercise its legal functions in the administration of the Electoral Commission

BAGHDAD, The leader of the Iraqi Decision Coalition and the Secretary-General of the National Right Party Ahmed Al-Masari stressed that "the parliamentary elections that took place on 12-5-2018 witnessed violations and cases of large fraud cases and this was with the testimony of local and international organizations as well as the Ministerial Committee and the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry ".

He said in a press statement that "as a result, the House of Representatives legislated the third amendment to the law of elections to the House of Representatives in order to correct the electoral process and give everyone really his right."

Al-Masari expressed his surprise at what we hear today of voices stand against the implementation of the law in an attempt to legitimize the fraud and false arguments, suggesting that those votes may be beneficiaries of the fraud that has occurred because there is no justification other than that or why they refuse to count the total hand counting which is under the supervision of the Iraqi judiciary known for its integrity. "

He called on the Supreme Judicial Council to speed up the manual counting and exercise of its legal functions in the administration of the Electoral Commission and the third amendment to the law of the House of Representatives to cut the way for counterfeiters and corrupts who try by various means to pass their visits and proceed with the current false results.

Al-Masari said that "the country stands at a crossroads, either the counterfeiters and the losers achieve their goal by going through the current results and forming a government and parliament in most of them, which means more corruption, unemployment, poverty and deterioration of security, or stand up against them and expose the forgers and their supporters and refer them to the Iraqi judiciary to receive their fair punishment and correct the electoral process. Through the implementation of the amendment passed by the House of Representatives for the election law mentioned above, which ensures the coming of a government and parliament represents the will of the Iraqi people and preserves their rights and their will in reform and change.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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