Alak, UNDP Discusses Projects Regarding Implementing Reconstruction In Liberated Areas

BAGHDAD, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Al-Alak discussed with the assistant representative of the United Nations Development Program in Iraq Marta Ruids, the latest developments related to the implementation of projects to restore stability in the liberated areas, praising "the support and high coordination of the parties involved in the implementation of projects Stability ".

"The Iraqi government is trying to work hard to overcome everything that hampers the work of the international stabilization team because the stability process will ensure that the rest of the displaced return to their homes," he said in a statement to the Cabinet Secretariat.

For her part, Marta stressed "the importance of reconstruction projects parallel to the stabilization projects and with international support, and to implement these projects according to priority."

"The two sides agreed to hold meetings between the National Stabilization Support Group and the International Stability Support Group to find out the most important obstacles to finding the appropriate solutions, as well as to raise the constructive proposals that will ensure the success of the stabilization process," the statement added.

The UNDP, at the request of the Iraqi government, launched a project to restore stability in June 2015 to facilitate the return of displaced and lay the foundations for reconstruction and recovery and protection from violence and extremism.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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