Allcan Distributors Launches ChatterPTT Canada, Partners with Siyata Mobile

EDMONTON, AB / ACCESSWIRE / February 1, 2024 / Helix Advanced Communications & Infrastructure, Inc., operating as Allcan Distributors, announces today that it has entered a partnership with Siyata Mobile (Nasdaq:SYTA)(Nasdaq:SYTAW) as it launches ChatterPTT Canada, a nationwide broadband Push to Talk service.

The partnership is a result of Allcan Distributors’ introduction of ChatterPTT to Canada. ChatterPTT is a comprehensive business communication service that allows instant connection between remote teams. Hosted in Canada and offered exclusively by Allcan Distributors, ChatterPTT offers nationwide, secure, instant PTT communications services on any IOT broadband network.

Allcan Distributors is partnering with Siyata Mobile to provide the hardware and has placed its first stocking order of Siyata’s SD7 handset, a simple, functional, and rugged Android-based PTT-only device. The Siyata SD7 is the industry’s leading next generation, game changing, cost effective, mission critical PTT over cellular 4G broadband MCPTT Device.

Craig Baker, Vice President of Business Development for Allcan Distributors, said, "The Siyata SD7 will provide nation-wide PTT instant communications on Allcan’s ChatterPTT service from St. Johns Newfoundland to Victoria BC, and any location that has IoT broadband connectivity. We believe the SD7 form factor will appeal to LMR radio users who will feel immediately comfortable with the SD7’s familiar buttons and rotary knob with no need to delete, lock down or upload other apps. ChatterPTT Canada will feature Priority Group Calling, messaging and location tracking and can support over 1,000 users per Talkgroup. We are excited to launch this highly desired ChatterPTT service in Canada with Siyata Mobile."

Marc Seelenfreund, CEO of Siyata Mobile, said, "We are pleased to align with Allcan Distributors as it launches its ChatterPTT service to all of Canada. The team at Allcan understands the important role that simple, yet high functioning hardware can play in supporting reliable communications. Our SD7 device is an ideal platform for the service as it has been proven to withstand rigorous environments while being simple to use. By leveraging our hardware, Allcan will be able to deliver a superior experience to its customers as it rolls out its new service."

Allcan Distributors, headquartered in Edmonton AB, is Canada’s leading distributor of innovative industrial wireless communications products and components to the LMR and Wireless Integration industry. Allcan offers industry-leading products for clients who require comprehensive remote voice and data communications, remote power, and infrastructure support solutions, serving sectors ranging from Public Safety, Oil and Gas, SCADA, Automation and Municipal Utilities.

Siyata Mobile Inc. (Nasdaq:SYTA)(Nasdaq:SYTAW) is a B2B global developer and vendor of next generation Push-To-Talk over Cellular handsets and accessories. Its portfolio of rugged PTT handsets and accessories enables first responders and enterprise workers to instantly communicate over a nationwide cellular network of choice, to increase situational awareness and save lives.

ChatterPTT is Canada’s nationwide broadband PTT service providing instant, secure push to talk communications services over cellular broadband networks. ChatterPTT is a private business communications service built on StreamWide’s Team on the Run software platform. "ChatterPTT", "Smart Team Communications" and related designs are registered Trademarks of Logic Wireless Limited and are used under license by Helix Advanced Communications & Infrastructure, Inc.

StreamWide is a leading global communications software technology provider delivering mission critical communications and operations solutions. Their products range from real-time voice and data solutions to geolocation services and digital transformation of operational processes.

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