Antaisolar Launched SPACE, the World’s Longest Solar Tracker at SNEC 2021

SPACE, the 1P Multi-Slew solar tracker, can be extended to 240m in length.

XIAMEN, China, June 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Antaisolar, the leading supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting system, celebrated its 15th anniversary by launching its latest SPACE solar tracker at SNEC.   Featuring with “Unique, Intelligence, Efficiency, Infinity”, this world’s longest 1P independent single-axis tracking system can be extremely extended to more than 4 strings, maximum 240m in length and up to 18% solar mounting system cost reduction, which made it become best choice for large scale solar plant in flat terrain and matches better for cleaning robots.

The key features of the new tracker include:

1: Unique Multi-point Drive

Approved by authoritative CPP and multiple tests and certifications and effectively solves the instability problem under extreme weather.

2: Unique drive through electric synchronously

Free from the transmission bar, electrical synchronization is quick to installation, convenient for maintenance and low consumption, which effectively reduces labor costs.

3: Unique Brushless Direct Current Motor

The industry’s first BLDC system with a more than 30 years’ maintenance-free serviced life.

4: AI Tracking Mode

Massive data analysis of weather, terrain, scattered light conditions, together with the deep machine learning method to generate the optimized tracking path, increasing power generation by 10% compared with the conventional tracking.

5: ANTAI SPACE CLOUD Monitoring O&M system

The cloud monitoring system can provide a monitoring service globally on both O&M and system protection.

6: Smart Commissioning

With the ANTAI unique Smart Commissioning, system could be fast located and operated via smart phone QR code scanning.

“At the beginning phase of R&D for SPACE, Antaisolar has paid attention to the application trend of mainstream large-format module. All products of Antaisolar solar tracker have completed the CPP wind test report. SPACE is just one of them,” said Amy Kou, Vice General Manager of Antaisolar.

About Antaisolar:

Antaisolar, established in 2006, has a vast expertise in Solar Mounting & Tracking System with over 800 employees including a R&D team composed of 80 specialists. Antaisolar has been continuously optimizing the global service by globally setting up over 20 branches and offices.

Up to now, its cumulative solar racking shipments have reached 15GW and ranked No.1 of export volume to Japan for seven consecutive years and ranked top 1 in Australian and Vietnam distribution market.

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