Tuesday, 7 Feb 2023

Aoun heads army day celebration tomorrow: Nothing compensates for martyrdom loss except pursuing struggle

Marking Army day, President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, will head tomorrow morning the annual celebration called forth by the army command on August 1 at the Military Academy in Fayyadieh.

President Aoun will confer sabers upon army officers graduating from the "Fajr Joroud" training program, in the presence of state pillars and scores of official, political, diplomatic, and military dignitaries, as well as the families of graduating officers.

Aoun is to deliver a word dwelling on most recent political developments, notably the government formation process and Lebanon's stance vis-a-vis an array of matters.

On the eve of August 1, Aoun underlined that nothing could compensate for the loss of martyrdom except the continuation of the struggle for the sake of the homeland that our martyrs dreamed of and were martyred for.

President Aoun's words came during his meeting at the Baabda palace with a delegation of the families of army martyrs, in the presence of First Lady Mrs Nadia al-Chami Aoun, and Presidency Director General Antoine Choucair.

Aoun expressed full readiness to assist the sons of the army martyrs.

Earlier, Aoun met with President of the Maronite General Council, former Minister Wadih Khazen, with whom he discussed most recent political developments in the country, notably the government formation process.

On emerging, Khazen said that he discussed with the President the government formation issue and the current economic and financial situation.

Aoun also welcomed Lebanon's Ambassador to China, Milia Jabbour. Talks reportedly touched on means of bolstering Lebanese-Chinese relations in the various fields, especially at the economic and touristic levels.

Among Baabda presidential palace's itinerant visitors for today had been Lebanon's accredited Ambassador to the Vatican, former MP Farid Elias al-Khazen, former MP Fadi al-Awar, and President of Lebanese Order of Physicians, Dr. Raymond Sayegh.

Source: National News Agency

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