Aoun says will seek to appoint athlete as sports minister

President Michel Aoun vowed that he would seek to appoint a professional athlete as a Minister of Youth and Sports in the new Cabinet, during his meeting with a delegation of the Lebanese sports federations at Baabda palace on Tuesday.

"There are many dangers stalking our youth, on top of which drugs," Aoun stressed during the meeting.

"The security apparatuses are assuming their mission to fight this epidemic," he added.

"Sports can indeed save the Lebanese youth from drug addiction," he indicated.

"I will endeavor so that an athlete assumes the responsibility of the Youth and Sports Ministry," he said.

Aoun had earlier welcomed MP Jamil Sayyed, with whom he discussed the necessity to speed up the new government formation.

Speaking to reporters following the meeting, the lawmaker said that talks also touched on the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland.

"Their return constitute a positive factor for both Lebanon and Syria," he said.

He added that the meeting also dwelt on the security situation in Bekaa and the remarks that had been made in the wake of Brital events.

"I am confident that the army will clarify the circumstances of this security operation," Sayyed stressed.

Separately, Aoun received head of Zahle municipality, Assaad Zgheib, accompanied by a delegation of Karme festivals' committee.

Source: National News Agency

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