Arab Parliament in Permanent Session to Follow up latest Developments in Palestine

Bureau of the Arab Parliament held a meeting here today, presided over by the President of the parliament Adel Al-Oussoumi.

The meeting was dedicated to discussing Israeli violations in Palestine.

On the other hand, Al-Oussoumi hailed the well-established stances of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards the Palestinian cause, valuing pioneering efforts it exerted to stop the heinous aggression of the Israeli occupation forces, recently, against the Palestinian people.

He also reasserted that the parliament shall remain in permanent session to follow up the latest developments related to Palestine, as it constitutes the central and pivotal Arab cause, as well, concluding that the parliament will continue its endeavors to follow up carrying out the outputs of the urgent meeting of the parliament, specially held to discuss the situation, in Palestine and to follow up with all relevant world and regional bodies, in order to reach an accord that would be conducive to establish the Palestinian independent state.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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