Tuesday, 7 Feb 2023

Army Chief inspects border units: Terrorist threat largely thwarted yet schemes continue to be plotted

Army Chief, General Joseph Aoun, inspected the LAF units deployed on the southern border, where he toured the front lines along the Blue Line and was briefed on its defense and security measures aimed at dealing with any possible Israeli aggression and thus maintaining the stability of the border area.

He stressed during his meeting with officers and the military that "Lebanon faces three challenges: the Israeli enemy, terrorism and drugs," adding that "the LAF is armed with the right to defend the land and borders against Israeli ambitions."

He pointed out that "the terrorist threat has been largely thwarted, but its schemes continue to be plotted, and this requires utmost readiness and vigilance," noting, separately, that "drugs are a deadly scourge spreading in the society and reaching the Lebanese of all ages. It thus requires concerted security and social efforts to eliminate its sources and raise awareness of its destructive effects."

General Aoun concluded his word by reassuring that "the Army puts stability at the top of its priorities, and will remain the backbone of the homeland no matter the cost or the sacrifices."

Source: National News Agency

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