Army Commander delivers Order of the Day marking Army Day

On the occasion of the 73rd anniversary of the Army's establishment,

The Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun delivered the Order of the Day to the troops. It included the following:

"Fellow Troops

The 73rd Army Day comes upon us this year, adorned with accomplishments highlighted with the defeat of terrorists. The Lebanese Armed Forces succeeded during this year in halting terrorist acts and arresting numerous individuals among them through preemptive and security operations.

Significant positive results were achieved thanks to the measures taken with the aim of controlling smuggling attempts through several illegal passages. The decision is clear: to carry on with this work at an escalating pace and to increase the measures required during the missions assigned to the Lebanese Armed Forces with the aim of preserving security and stability.

Fellow Troops

The Arab region is witnessing several thorny crises and bloody conflicts, in light of major changes that will undoubtedly have their repercussions on our country. Therefore, I call on you to be further vigilant in order to maintain your absolute preparedness and guarantee the nation's unity as well as its civil peace and the safety of its land.

Lebanon has achieved a sweeping victory over terrorism. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it is now safe, for the Israeli enemy is the main party to benefit from terrorism in the region, due to its greed for our land and natural resources. It will take advantage of every chance possible to reach its objectives and avidities. However, Lebanon will defend its right in its land, entity and resources by relying on the Lebanese Armed Forces that are in turn reinforced thanks to the support of the Lebanese people. Needless to say that the Lebanese Armed Forces shall confront any attempt to infringe the Lebanese assets or undermine them, regardless of the sacrifices.

The doctrine of the Lebanese Armed Forces is steadier than ever and its compass will remain stable and firmly aimed at defying the Israeli enemy and the threat of terrorism that only serves the Israeli interests and objectives.

Fellow troops

The internal security and stability that Lebanon is basking in has spread an atmosphere of tranquility and reassurance. It has turned Lebanon into a secure and stable oasis despite the critical economic and political situation that we are currently facing.

This situation places us in front of colossal responsibilities based on the fact that security and stability make the foundation of every form of prosperity. Therefore, we should be stepping up the hard work and exerting additional efforts with the aim of safeguarding our country and contributing to its prosperity and rise.

Source: National News Agency

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