Army Commder’s word marking Army Day

Lebanese Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, delivered the following word marking Army Day:

73 years have passed while the Army was persistently achieving one bright feat after the other. Feats that held strong significances and deep meanings in the history of the nation. If the 1st of August is the day that we chose to celebrate the Army Day where the hearts of all Lebanese countrymen are joined together in a way to renew the appreciation and deep confidence in the military institution, each day in the lives of our troops is a new occasion to rejoice in a sincere patriotic commitment and limitless sacrifice to safeguard the security and safety of the citizens. The last few years have brought numerous changes, incidents and stages, however, an irrefutable fact stood bright and overcame the obstacles of time and dangerous threats. It is the fact that Lebanon, this extraordinary country in every sense of the word has stood up repeatedly following each crisis and vanquished all the tests it faced and prevailed stronger than ever while the Lebanese people carried on empowered with additional confidence and belief in their country.

On the Army Day, we would like to renew our pride in our honorable heritage while remembering the blood of the martyrs and wounded soldiers that will forever remain engraved in our hearts. We confirm that we will persist on being the guardians of Lebanon and its inclusive humanitarian message in the confrontation with the Israeli enemy and the terrorist threat.

We vow before the fellow citizens of our beloved country that their security will be the target that we will be aiming to achieve throughout the days.

Source: National News Agency

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