Azerbaijan ambassador after visiting Shaar: Our government shall not spare any effort in providing assistance in oil sector

Mufti of Tripoli and North Lebanon Sheikh Malek al-Shaar welcomed on Friday at his residence in Tripoli the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Lebanon, Agasalim Shukurov, accompanied by the President of the North Lebanon Traders Association, Asaad Hariri, and a delegation of merchants.

On emerging, Ambassador Shukurov said that the purpose of his visit was to maintain coordination between the two countries, and to become more acquainted with Tripoli’s pioneering merchants and businessmen in a bid to explore means of implementing joint projects and bolster bilateral relations.

The ambassador of Azerbaijan also indicated that he broached with Mufti Shaar the current educational conditions in the northern city, announcing that he offered on behalf of Azerbaijan five university scholarships for students from Tripoli and the North.

In reply to a question, Ambassador Shukurov said that his government will not hesitate to provide Lebanon any needed assistance in the oil sector, especially at the level of training specialized Lebanese engineers in the exploration works.

Mufti Shaar, for his part, said that the Ambassador of Azerbaijan visited the city of Tripoli in a bid to establish cooperation and coordination between traders and merchants of Tripoli and Azerbaijan. Shaar commended Azerbaijan as “a country enjoying a plethora of economic potentials,” branding it an “oil and tourism country.”

Shaar relayed the Ambassador’s earnest desire to bolster bilateral relations between the two countries, notably in terms of economic exchange, within the framework of a memorandum of understanding and the signing of a future roadmap.

The Mufti also brought to attention Azerbaijan’s longstanding history, with several Lebanese students graduating from the universities of Azerbaijan, especially in the fields of oil and petroleum engineering.

Source: National News Agency

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