Tuesday, 7 Feb 2023

Bassil following ‘Strong Lebanon’ meeting: For a productive government respecting fair representation

Caretaker Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, on Tuesday maintained that President Michel Aoun's tenure must not be "blackmailed" for the only sake of forming a new Cabinet, calling for a productive government that respects the results of the legislative elections and fair representation of parties.

"The tenure cannot be blackmailed just for the sake of forming any government. We have made a lot of concessions, and if need be, we will not hesitate to venture into a political, diplomatic and popular process to free Lebanon from political detention," Bassil said following the "Strong Lebanon" parliamentary bloc's meeting.

"We will not accept any government; our demand is a productive government respecting fair representation," he added.

"We will work to build the state; we are still awaiting a government formed upon one standard: the will of the Lebanese people which they expressed during the parliamentary polls," he stressed.

Source: National News Agency

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