Friday, 27 Jan 2023

Bassil: With kindness and law, we can solve our real estate problems and all crises

Caretaker Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Minister, Gebran Bassil, said Sunday that the Lebanese are capable of solving their real estate problems and overcoming all crises through kindness and law.

Representing the President of the Republic in inaugurating the Yammouneh Damn and Lake in the Bekaa region this afternoon, Bassil said, "The issue of water in Lebanon is more than strategic, and must be accorded great care and attention both internally and externally."

"Since our Parliamentary Bloc is currently handling the portfolios of both the Foreign Affairs and Water and Energy Ministries, and will presumably continue to do so, I have a proposal, given the importance of this strategic issue, to have an extraordinary ambassador at the Foreign Affairs Ministry responsible for diplomatic waters, because this concerns not only Lebanon's national interest, but also its strategic position on the issue of water," he went on.

Bassil considered the water issue more important than oil and gas if Lebanon's water resources are well-preserved, which would enable the Lebanese State in years to come to provide the region with water supply, rendering the water subject a strategic force for the country.

Touching on the real estate border problem between the Yammouneh and Aqoura regions, Bassil considered that "it can basically be solved through kindness...When there is love among people, everything is resolved, while the second solution lies in the law that gives people their rights, and the law is safeguarded by the State which is the guardian of all."

"We say to those who thought that the Yamouneh-Aqoura issue can trigger a clash between the components of the same nation, that a real estate or border issue between two villages cannot separate between its people who have shared two joint victories against the the Israeli enemy and Takfiri terrorists," Bassil underscored.

In turn, Caretaker Agriculture Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan who took part in the inauguration highlighted Lebanon's dire need for preserving its water resources.

"We are facing a shortage of water supplies, which is a problem for the people of Baalbek-Hermel in particular, and for the Lebanese in general, so we need to declare a state of water emergency," he said.

"Water scarcity can only be addressed through more water resources and the treatment of water resources in our dams, especially the Assi Dam. We thank the Ministry of Water and Energy for what has been accomplished so far, and we ask you for more achievements," Hajj Hassan added.

For his part, Caretaker Water and Energy Minister, Ceasar Abi Khalil, also delivered a word at the Yammouneh Dam inauguration event, saying, "This is the third dam to be launched this year by the Water and Energy Ministry, which is striving to ensure balanced development in all regions. Its projects are spread over all the Lebanese territories as part of a national strategy."

"Climate change has become a reality recognized by all. If we do not complete the dams, we will not be able to cope with the problem of water scarcity in the dry season," Abi Khalil went on.

"Climate change further confirms the need for the 55 dams planned for by the Ministry, and the Assi Dam is a priority for our Ministry, which was included in the investment scheme at the Cedar Conference in Paris, during which representatives of more than 50 countries and international organizations praised the policies set by the Water and Energy Ministry," he underscored.

Source: National News Agency

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