Bukhari from Wadi Khaled: Lebanon lies in the conscience of the Saudi Kingdom

Saudi Charge d'Affaires in Lebanon, Walid Al-Bukhari, said Sunday that the Saudi Kingdom holds Lebanon in its conscience, stressing continuous support to the Lebanese nation and its people.

Al-Bukhari's words came during his visit this morning to the area of Wadi Khaled in the Province of Akkar, at the invitation of Future Bloc Member MP Mohamad Sleiman who welcomed him at his residence in the town of al-Haisha, in the presence of former Deputy Jamal Ismail, heads of municipalities and tribal dignitaries from the region.

"I am grateful to MP Sleiman for this visit to Wadi Khaled...We harbor all the love for its people and neighborhood, for their authenticity and their Arabism...You are an extension of a long history, and I am here today among you feeling like I headed from home to home," said Al-Bukhari.

"Akkar and its people, as well as Tripoli and all of Lebanon, are present in the conscience of the Kingdom and its people," he assured.

The encounter included a brunch held by MP Sleiman in honor of Al-Bukhari and the region's dignitaries, following which Al-Bukhari met with Wadi Khaled's mayors and mukhtars.

Source: National News Agency

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