Bukhari visits Fouad Chehab Foundation in Jounieh: Saudi Arabia hopes for swift government formation

Saudi Minister Plenipotentiary Charges d’Affaires, Waleed Bukhari, on Tuesday visited Fouad Chehab Foundation at the Museum of the late President in Jounieh, where he was greeted by Foundation Head, former Minister Charles Rizk, and Foundation members.

In his delivered word, Rizk extolled the merits and virtues of the late President Fouad Chehab as “a modest and fine president” who was matchlessly capable of patching up between respect for confessional pluralism and bilateralism, as a condition for the rise of a modern state.

Bukhari, for his part, hailed the late President Fouad Chehab’s esteemed thinking and well-regarded values, notably in terms of pluralistic thoughts and national unity preservation as a model for the Arab world.

Bukhari also highlighted the late president’s diligent advocacy of Arabism.

On the Cabinet formation issue, Bukhari said that his country hopes for a swift government formation in a balanced manner that achieves national unity and consecrates Lebanon’s security and stability.

Bukhari noted the serious efforts conducted by President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri to form the new government.

The Saudi Charge d’Affaire also disclosed that “he is in the process of devising a working paper for the 4th Saudi-Lebanese Cultural Forum, titled ‘Fouad Shehab-State Building’.”

Source: National News Agency

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