Thursday, 26 Nov 2020

A terrorist operation by three suicide bombers foiled east of Samarra

BAGHDAD, Samarra Command forces foiled a terrorist operation on Tuesday by Daesh by three suicide bombers in eastern Samarra.

Samarra Operations Commander Major General Imad al-Zuhairi said in a statement that the forces of the Samarra Operations Command foiled a terrorist act by Daesh elements after midnight last night in the area of Al-Sifouna in the area of Mu'tasim east of Samarra. Our units managed to blow up one of the suicide bombers, killed the second suicide bomber, and wounded the third suicide bomber and seized Kalashnikov rifles, an explosive belt and 15 grenades.

"The Command forces began this morning with the process of clearing and prosecuting the remaining members of the Daesh terrorist group in Al-Kush area and Um Al-Khuyut in the area of responsibility which led to the arrest of a group of suspects."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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