Thursday, 28 May 2020

Baiji: We Do Not Support Any Candidate For Presidency Of The Republic Calls For Separation And Divide The Country

Baghdad, MP for the construction coalition Mansour al-Baiji said his alliance will not vote for any candidate for the presidency of the Republic supports the referendum in the Kurdistan region and called for it because he cannot be the president of the Republic of Iraq and he believes in the division of the country."

He called in a statement "Kurds to agree and provide a national figure deserves to assume the post of President of the Republic and be the President of Iraq."

He said "it is not possible for those who the idea of separation and division of the country consolidates in his mind to be the president of the Republic of Iraq, who is a short time ago calling for separation and division of the country, so the Kurdish blocs have to submit a candidate has the specifications that qualify him to be President of the Republic deserves to vote two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives "

He added "The next meeting on the second day of next month will be decisive within the parliament on the grounds that the period specified by the Constitution is over so we hope that the Kurds resolve the matter and provide a national candidate with all qualifications and should not be a supporter of separation, so we give him confidence to be president of the Republic of Iraq for the next four years. "

"The next president of the republic must be a protector of the constitution, not to be protected by it, as happened by former presidents, so we hope that the next president will be able to protect the constitution and protect the country from any internal and external aggression and be the president of all Iraqis, .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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