Thursday, 2 Apr 2020

Extraordinary Meeting of Arab Economic Council Officials to Complete Detailed Origin Rules for Commodities of the Free Trade Zone

Cairo, Assistant Undersecretary for International Financial Affairs, at the Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hussein bin Shuwaish Al-Shuwaish led his country's delegation to the extraordinary meeting of Arab Economic Council, scheduled to complete detailed origin rules for commodities of the proposed Arab Free Trade Zone.

The meetings began here today, under the chairmanship of the Emirates Assistant Undersecretary for Economic Policies, at the Ministry of Economy Mohamed Saleh Al-Shilwah.

Arab Free Trade Zone has taken effect since 2005 and previous meetings have concluded that a tax of 40 per cent shall be applied on trade exchange, in counting the rule of source.

A host of Arab top officials took part, in the meetings.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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