Saturday, 28 Mar 2020

Lebanese Embassy in Italy commemorates Independence Day

The Lebanese Embassy in Italy hosted a reception ceremony upon the 75th Independence Day, in presence of Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rahi and a panel of MPs, as well as Italian Deputy Foreign Minister, Manlio Di Stefano.

In a word delivered upon the occasion, Lebanese Ambassador to Italy Mira Daher maintained that the Lebanese had long fought for their independence to gain sovereignty.

"The Lebanese have never bowed to an occupier, a covetous or an ambitious. We have struggled to gain our independence in order to exit influence and hegemony over our national decision and to preserve our sovereignty which we will never compromise," Daher said.

"Our independence never meant detachment from the world; it rather aimed to establish the best ties through diplomacy," she added, hailing the Lebanese-Italian historic relations.

"As an ambassador of Lebanon, and within the frame of bolstering ties between our countries, I would like to try to achieve all the possible joint initiatives and create job opportunities and new markets in various fields," she indicated.

Source: National News Agency

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