Thursday, 28 May 2020

Minister of Water Resources Arrives In Maysan To Inspect Water Releases From Qal’at Salih Distributions System to Basra

BAGHDAD, Minister of Water Resources, Hassan al-Janabi arrived in Maysan province on Wednesday to inspect water releases from Qal'at Saleh Distributions System Gates to Basra province.

The minister, during his visit to Qal'at Salih, 45 km south of Maysan province, said "this visit came to see directly the water releases from Qal'at Salih . He pointed out that all the gates are open to transfer the water to the province of Basra, where the releases reached 98 m3 / s from the bottom of the system of Qal'at Salih, for the purpose of pushing the salt tongue from Shatt al-Arab and providing fresh water to the people of Basra governorate.

The minister pointed to the great efforts of the ministry represented by all its formations in the provinces in order to deliver the planned water quota to the province of Basra.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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