Thursday, 4 Jun 2020

National Coalition Holds An Expanded Meeting To Discuss Forming The Real Partnership Bloc

BAGHDAD, The National Coalition (Watania) held an expanded meeting in the presence of its leader Iyad Allawi and Saleh al-Mutlaq and Salim al-Jubouri and Talal al-Zobaie and Tamdun alliance and Aberoon and a large number of deputies and political figures and leaders.

The media office of Allawi said in a press statement: "The meeting discussed the latest developments in the political arena, especially the dialogues and understandings with political partners to form the next government and the formation of the real partnership bloc, not just participate within the concept of national space, which mean the coalition winner of the elections. "

The meeting stressed the unity and cohesion of the expanded national coalition, stressing that this coalition will play the main and pivotal role in the convergence of views between the winning political blocs in the elections to form a strong government capable of providing services and fighting corruption and reconstruction of cities liberated from Daesh and the advancement of the economics of Iraq to activate the state institution and meet the demands of the demonstrators and accelerate the creation of radical solutions to the problems of service in the provinces of the south, especially Basra, which is dying thirst.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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