Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020

Sauiroon Alliance: The support Of Political Blocs To Abdul Mahdi Depends On His Reform Steps

BAGHDAD, A leader in Sauiroon Alliance, Raed Fahmi said that the continuation of the support of the political blocs to designated Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi depends on his reform steps and one of the conditions for his success is his political will and his determination to hold on to manage things successfully.

Fahmi said in a statement to NINA that: "What is required today is the next government to see another scene in the management of things to overcome the failure of the previous stages and to launch the reform practically, not only slogans and providing services."

He added that "the emphasis on the nomination of independent people to the cabinet away from the parties to reflect the image and a negative impression on them by the people and for this purpose, he put the condition for the independents."

He added "the idea of independent technocrats put forward to give the prime minister the freedom to choose, and if Abdul-Mahdi turned to the issues of satisfaction he would lose a paper of success papers and will be a burden on him later in the work of the government," noting that until this time, the political force have not rejected the government program for Abdul Mahdi "

He pointed out that " Abdul Mahdi got the support rarely received by his predecessors and this is linked to the government reform program and the challenges of this program are serious and he will hit by those whose interests are damaged, including files of corruption and economic reform."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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