Thursday, 2 Apr 2020

The Parliament Receives Documents And Files Concerning The Work Of Iraqi Central Bank And Rafidain Bank

Baghdad, The House of Representatives received yesterday, a set of documents and financial files and banking related to the work of the Central Bank and Rafidain Bank, which is hoped to distribute to the MPs in the meeting on Wednesday.

According to members of the parliamentary finance committee, told NINA that "the paper documents that reached the parliament will be presented to the MPs in the meeting on Wednesday, which are financial statements on the whole banking operations related to the Iraqi currency under the supervision of the Central Bank," adding that " Those documents were distributed within closed boxes of 200 boxes, and will be presented to the MPs after the approval of the parliament.

The House of Representatives is scheduled to hold its regular session on Wednesday, where the agenda will include consideration of the appeals filed on the validity of the membership of some MPs, in addition to voting on the wording of a resolution on the decisions of the Council of Ministers during caretaker period, and the meeting will also include discussion in the presence of the Governor of the Central Bank and members of the Board of Directors and the Director of the Trade Bank of Iraq as well as to discuss the issue of the new customs points between the provinces.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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