Friday, 18 Sep 2020

Two gunmen arrested, including a leader in the PKK, during their infiltration from northern Iraq to Turkey

BAGHDAD, The Turkish Interior Ministry announced the arrest of two gunmen, one of them a leader of the organization "PKK".

A statement issued by the Ministry said that the gendarmerie forces in the district of Oulu Derah, in the state of Sharnaq (southeast), were able to arrest two gunmen, while infiltrating from northern Iraq to Turkey.

The statement added that the militants are "Mazloum Qajan" nicknamed "Mazloum Goi", a leader of the organization, and the other terrorist "Zegin Yarar" nicknamed "Gahraman".

He explained that the security forces had seized with them, a gun "Dragonov" (sniper), and another "M-16", as well as a radio.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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