Col. Al-Maliki: We have evidence confirming the presence of foreign military experts training the Houthi militias and providing them with integrated military communication system 2 Riyadh

On the humanitarian work in Yemen over the last days, Col. Al-Maliki said the Coalition Forces have issued 26997 relief permits during the period from March 26, to June 9, 2018, highlighting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's topping the world donor countries list of UN-sponsored Response Plan in Yemen 2018 with the Kingdom's contributions amounting to $530.4, whereas King Salman Humanitarian Act and Relief Center has provided relief assistance for 4,954,742 beneficiaries within 167 days as part of the Comprehensive Humanitarian Operation Plan.

On military operations, Col. Al-Maliki confirmed that the Yemeni national army is scoring victories throughout the country, citing the stunning advances of the army on the ground in Saada, Taiz and Al-Baidha provinces.

He drew the attention to the new phenomenon of Houthi recruiting of women to join the army, particularly those who lost their husbands or sons in the war. In an unprecedented flagrant violation of human rights and contrary to Yemen conservative traditions, the Houthi militias dared to enlist women, adding to their children enrollment in the army and giving a new evidence of their barbaric behavior.

Al-Maliki declared the Yemeni zone neighboring the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia free of ground-based militias after having been purified by the Coalition Forces and Yemeni national army, citing few pockets of ballistic missiles and projectiles launching platforms in Saada and Omran.

He said the number of ballistic missiles and projectiles launched by Houthis since the flare-up of the war reached 158 missiles and 42924 projectiles while the losses of Houthis amounted to a total of 285 sites, weapons and equipment over the period from 2 June to 9 June 2018 in addition to 716 terrorist Houthi killed.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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