Tuesday, 7 Feb 2023

Demonstration in the district of Abu al-Khasib south of Basra, demanding the improvement of services, electricity, water and health reality

Basra, Hundreds of people demonstrated in the district of Abu al-Khasib south of Basra on Wednesday to demand the provision of services and refused to privatize electricity and provide drinking water and job creation for the unemployed.

The protesters demanded in a mass demonstration in front of the Qaimamqameh building, in which the tribal leaders and citizens took part, "to remove the governor of the district and the directors of the government departments who came with partisan quotas," as well as improving the service situation and setting up desalination plants. "They also demanded job opportunities for the unemployed, "and support the health sector, which complains of negligence.

The demonstrators stressed the promises made by the Prime Minister during his visit to Basra has not been implemented so far that the demands of the masses are legitimate demands and of their rights.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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