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DHL Loses Contract and Intellectual Property Trial to US Tech Firm LOG-NET

Jury finds DHL liable for copyright infringement and violation of the covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing.

TRENTON, New Jersey, July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — A jury in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey has found DHL, the global freight division of the German postal system Deutsche Poste, liable to LOG-NET, Inc. for copyright infringement and violation of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing.  The jury awarded damages to LOG-NET of 14.4 million US dollars.  LOG-NET also successfully defended itself against DHL’s claims that made it a defendant in the same action for the past six years.  The jury also decided against DHL, rejecting all of their claims.  Further, DHL had received an injunction earlier in the case preventing LOG-NET from removing and protecting its intellectual property.  Because the jury rejected DHL’s contract claims, the injunction will be lifted.

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“Entrepreneurship and excellence in technology innovation is extremely hard work,” noted LOG-NET CEO and founder, John Motley.  “Given that most technology start-ups fail, having an entity like DHL with 470,000 employees engage in troubling and unfair practices under the contract made for some really long days.  I am so proud of the team at LOG-NET who were not distracted from providing technical innovation and excellence to our customers during the pendency of the case,” he continued.

LOG-NET was represented in Air Express International (d/b/a DHL Global Forwarding) v. LOG-NET, Inc. – Civ. A. No. 12-1732 (D.N.J.), by Marc Haefner, Eleonore Ofosu-Antwi, Joseph Linares, Zahire Estrella and Colleen Maker of Walsh, Pizzi, O’Reilly, Falanga based in Newark, New Jersey. “Despite dealing with an opponent with significantly more resources, DHL, the Walsh team enabled LOG-NET to prevail.  Their counsel was outstanding and their passion tangible.  Most importantly this case gave us our integrity back. We have Walsh to thank for that,” Mr. Motley noted.

“I hope our case will stand as an example and warning to the entrepreneurs and innovators in the United States.  Protect your creativity and hard work from incumbents in your target industry.  If you are asked how your technology works your best answer is, automatically.  If you find yourself in a legal battle, endure.  Trust the jury.  Our system of justice is not perfect, but it is fair,” Mr. Motley added.

About LOG-NET, Inc.

LOG-NET, Inc. has a 25-year history of innovation in the international supply chain technology industry and autonomous logistics. As a pioneer and leader in end-to-end (E2E) supply chain solutions the company delivers global logistics and supply chain capability on a Software As A Service (SAAS) basis.

LOG-NET Version 8.0 powers initiatives of the world’s leading international companies. LOG-NET is the system of choice for the real time end-to-end management of the suppliers, orders, compliance, transportation and trade finance of industry leaders such as Dollar Tree Stores, Mohawk Home, Panalpina, Hermes, The Camuto Group, IN2LOG, Ryder, The OEC Group, Agility Logistics, Kesco Logistics, Matson Logistics, Samsung, Fender Musical Instruments, and many others.

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