Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Hakim, Nujaifi Emphasize The Importance Of The National Majority To Form A Strong Governmentc

BAGHDAD, The head of the National Wisdom Movement (NWM) Ammar al-Hakim and head of the Iraqi decision coalition, Osama Nujaifi stressed the importance of the national majority to form a strong government.

A Statement to (NWM) said "Hakim met yesterday with the head of the Iraqi decision coalition Osama Najafi, and during the meeting, they discussed the file of the next government and preparations for the first meeting of the House of Representatives in its fourth session."

Hakim, according to the statement, confirmed "The importance of reading the challenges and setting priorities and taking responsibility for them,".

The statement added: "It was stressed during the meeting on the importance of the Iraqi interest, and the need for political stability in Iraq to provide services and provide jobs and reconstruction of liberated cities and cities of liberators."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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