Wednesday, 26 Jan 2022

KSrelief Signs Joint Executive Program to Teach Illiterate, Students with Disabilities in Yemen

Riyadh, King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief) today signed a joint program to implement the response project for the needs of developing local capabilities to teach the illiterate and students with disabilities, as part of the support presented by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support the humanitarian response plan in Yemen for 2021. The program was signed by Assistant supervisor general for operations and programs at KSrelief Ahmed bin Ali Al-Baiz.

The project aims at contributing to addressing the main challenges facing educational institutions in the fields of care of children with disabilities and illiteracy among students, which limit their integration into the Yemeni society. It aims at providing the necessary equipment in 19 centers for rehabilitating and care of people with disabilities and 10 illiteracy schools in three Yemeni governorates.

The program entails building the individual capabilities of children with disabilities through offering 20,650 training hours in the form of individual and collective educational session by specialists in speech and communication with the sign language and Brail language, as well as basic academic skills for learning difficulties, such as reading, writing and mathematics.

The project is expected to benefit more than 5,775 individuals directly among the most vulnerable categories of displaced people, orphans and limited-income people, where parents of students will also take part through activating sessions with teachers to follow up on the educational levels of the students.

The signing of the program is part of humanitarian efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, represented by KSrelief, to support the educational process for the brotherly Yemeni people.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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