Monday, 5 Dec 2022

Ministry of Education Highlights Saudi Arabia’s University Education Progress in Global Indices, University Majors Offered on “Study in Saudi” Platform at 18th International Education Show in UAE

Riyadh-- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with 25 countries and 130 exhibitors, participate in the 18th International Education Show at the Sharjah Expo Center in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The show was launched today in the presence of the UAE Minister of Education, Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, and a number of officials, decision-makers, CEOs, and faculty members from the most prestigious academic and university institutions in the world.

The Saudi Ministry of Education, along with 11 Saudi universities, participate in the main pavilion of the "Study in Saudi" platform, to highlight the progress achieved by Saudi Arabia at the level of university education, according to the international indices and rankings.

During their participation, Saudi universities also showed the most prominent university majors available to international students on the "Study in Saudi" platform and answered international students' questions related to admission and registration systems.

The Ministry of Education's pavilion attracted a large number of visitors following the ministry’s launch of the "Study in Saudi" platform, as one of the digital platforms devoted to attracting international students from various countries of the world to study in Saudi universities.

Visitors to the exhibition from different parts of the world were also introduced to the ways to obtain the educational visa recently launched by the Kingdom to serve students at the university and academic levels in more than 160 countries, which is one of the initiatives of the Human Capability Development Program to achieve the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

The "Study in Saudi" platform addresses international students from different countries of the world in nine different languages, including Arabic, English, German, French, Chinese, Hindi, and Turkish, in addition to Urdu, Hausa, and Malawian.

The attraction of distinguished students from around the world to study in Saudi universities contributes to raising the quality of the educational process, research outputs, and innovation, presenting the kingdom as an attractive educational destination, as well as raising the level of rankings and efficiency of Saudi educational institutions globally.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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