Wednesday, 3 Jun 2020

MP For Salahuddin: There Is No Agreement On The Name Of Candidate For The Speaker So Far

BAGHDAD, A member of the House of Representatives for Iraqi decision coalition Muqdam Mohammed Obeid stressed that "there is no agreement so far between the blocs concerned to nominate the candidate for the post of Speaker of Parliament."

"So far, the parties concerned have not reached the name of the speaker of the parliament," he told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA). "There is no agreement yet and we will enter the session on Saturday with the nine names."

Obaid said that "the process of voting on the names will be within the national space and the session next Saturday," noting that "some of the names of candidates may withdraw if they felt unable to get support and enough votes to win the post."

He added, "The delay in nominating the candidate is not because of one side, as the Sunni component is not a single bloc, but part of it is with the construction coalition and its candidates," Mohammed al-Halbusi, Ahmad al-Jubouri, Abu Mazen and reform and construction coalition with Osama Nujaifi and Ahmed al-Jubouri.

The head of the age, Muhammad Ali Zinni, stressed that the session on Saturday will be decisive to name the Speaker of the House of Representatives and his deputies

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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