ElKhalil honoring Swiss Ambassador: To help implement decisions of South liberation, restoration of Lebanon’s entire occupied land

Member of the "Development and Liberation" Parliamentary Bloc, MP Anwar El-Khalil, expressed Sunday his hope that the United Nations would be able to implement its international resolutions related to Lebanon's restoration of its entire occupied national territories, namely Shebaa farms, Kfarshouba hilltops and the northern part of the village of Al-Ghajar.

Honoring Swiss Ambassador to Lebanon, Monika Schmutz-Kirgoz, in a ceremony held in Dar Hasbaya earlier today in the presence of political officials, diplomats and prominent security, religious, social and media figures, El-Khalil said, "We appreciate Switzerland's unswerving solidarity with its national issues before international forums...and we call upon it and all friendly countries to stand by Lebanon in defending its right to safeguard its sovereignty by land, air and sea."

El-Khalil praised Kirgoz's relentless support during her term of office in Lebanon, noting that the honoring ceremony comes a few days before the second anniversary of her diplomatic mission in Lebanon.

"We will celebrate two years of intensive work to promote and deepen the friendly relations and cooperation between Lebanon and Switzerland and their peoples, and between the Lebanese and Swiss Parliaments," added El-Khalil.

He indicated that the occasion is also "a tribute to the values that Switzerland embodies in democracy, human rights, humanitarian positions and international solidarity with developing and poor nations."

"We in Lebanon have many examples of Swiss contributions in helping official Lebanon and supporting civil society institutions from their position as a partner in building a Lebanese citizenship free of any sectarian or factional contaminants," highlighted El-Khalil.

He referred to Switzerland's encouraging initiatives for dialogue between Lebanon's political and social components, with the aim of creating a positive debate that would lead the interlocutors to frameworks of understanding.

Additionally, El-Khalil commended Switzerland's contribution to healing the wounds of displaced Syrians in various areas of Lebanon, asserting that "the fundamental solution lies in the voluntary and safe return of refugees to their country, which necessarily calls for encouraging the peace process as a solution to the Syrian crisis and combating terrorism that threatens international security and stability."

In turn, Ambassador Kirgoz stressed that Switzerland continuously stands by Lebanon and helps its institutions bear the burdens and challenges of pressing dossiers.

She added that her country is "keen on the relations of cooperation with Lebanon," emphasizing MP El-Khalil's significant role in his capacity as Head of the Lebanese-Swiss Parliamentary Friendship Committee in promoting this relationship.

Source: National News Agency

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