Wednesday, 8 Apr 2020

Bassil: We want a government of national unity that preserves the state and does not link it to any external path

Caretaker Foreign Affairs Minister, Gebran Bassil, stressed Sunday on "forming a government that preserves the state and national unity, without linking it to any external course or waiting for any external betting." He assured that the mandate shall continue until this is achieved, regardless of all challenges.

"The only bet is on our independence...and God willing, we will come together as Lebanese and form a national unity government," affirmed Bassil.

His words came during the Independence Day march organized by the Free Patriotic Movement, which set out this morning towards the "Evacuation Plate" in Nahr El-Kalb that symbolizes Lebanon's independence.

"We have entered the Nahr El-Kalb area and seen a part of our history, its nature and importance, and our heritage...I rely on the deputies of Metn and Keserwan to preserve and develop this river and to create religious, archaeological and environmental tourism in this area. Today, tourism is more important than independence, and our students and youth must come to visit this place and see these archaeological paintings, since the Museum of Independence is open to people in nature to review Lebanon's history," Bassil said.

"We are the Free Patriotic Movement, the Rock of Lebanon and Independence, and we are the ones who stay because our ideology is strong as a rock in fighting for the independence of Lebanon, and it resembles a bridge in bringing the Lebanese together through national unity," he corroborated.

Source: National News Agency

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