Sunday, 5 Apr 2020

Egypt Welcomes KSA Determination to Move forward, on Promotion, Protection of Human Rights

Cairo, Egypt welcomed developments related to the human rights issue, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and its positive cooperation with the United Nations human rights mechanisms as well as the Kingdom's determination to move forward, in promoting and protecting human rights.

This was unfolded, as the Egyptian Representative to the United Nations Office, in Geneva, Ambassador Alaa Yousef praised, in his speech before the 31st session of the team in charge of the periodic inclusive review, within the mechanism of the UN Human Rights Council, which has reviewed today the Kingdom's record on human rights, and the Kingdom adoption of a national human rights strategy, that includes all principles and foundations aimed at protection and promotion of human rights, as well as establishment of centers for countering extremist thought, terrorism and combating corruption, as well as effective cooperation with national and international institutions, in this field.

Ambassador Alaa Yousef also welcomed the positive developments witnessed by the women's issue, in the Kingdom, and ensured their full enjoyment of their rights, in addition to launching of many initiatives aimed at empowering women, economically, and increasing their participation, in the public life.

The Egyptian delegation called on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to build statistical indicators to measure progress, in the promotion and protection of human rights and to identify challenges and shortcomings, in the legislative, judicial, administrative and other systems, to ensure that the national human rights strategy, is falling in line with international standards, especially, the main human rights conventions, which the Kingdom is a party.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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