Saturday, 4 Apr 2020

Hariri discusses missing Lebanese and return of displaced Syrians with ICRC head of delegation

Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri received today at the Center House the Head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) delegation in Beirut Christophe Martin.

After the meeting, Martin said: I just came out of a meeting with the Prime Minister, an extremely interesting exchange taking stock of the year 2018 and looking forward into 2019 of what the ICRC's operations are about and how much we have benefitted from the support of the Prime Minister's office, specifically on the issue of the missing Lebanese and the passing of the law a few weeks back with a strong support from the Prime Minister's office and his political party. We also talked about what we are expecting in the future, because that's one part of the work and now it has to be formulized in different manners with the creation of the national commission.

We were able to tackle the issue of the Syrian refugees and their return to Syria. The ICRC strongly supports the idea of people returning to Syria, provided a set number of conditions are met: that the return takes place in a dignified manner, that people are informed, that the security is guaranteed and that the principle of non-refoulement is respected. We also tackled the issue of the ICRC's operation in Lebanon with the focus on our medical activities and the work that we are currently undertaking in the Rafic Hariri University hospital, in close collaboration with Dr. Abyad, the CEO of the hospital as well as the Ministry of Public Health, and the strong support that the Prime Minister's office and the Prime Minister in person have demonstrated vis-A�-vis this project.

Earlier, Hariri received former MP KhaledDaher and his son Abdul Rahman. After the meeting, Daher said: Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri informed us about the general situation and he expressed his optimism, his constant attachment to the national interest and his commitment to the constitution. He offered all the possible sacrifices and showed all keenness to protect the country that needs him now, as shown by the parliamentary consensus and the Arab and international embrace around him, to start the advancement and development process in Lebanon and emerge from the economic and social crisis.

He added: We hear dissonant voices and bad mouthing on Premier Hariri regarding the naming of one of the six March 8 Sunni MPs as a minister in the government. We emphasize that Premier Hariri adheres to the constitution and the interest of the country and there is a consensus from the religious figures, economic bodies and political leaderships that the he should continue the political path by forming the government.

Premier Hariri made a lot of sacrifices and he can't offer more than he already did. He prepared the government formula and what remains is for Hezbollah to name its ministers in order to start work.

He concluded: We also discussed the development projects in Akkar, some of which are currently underway, while the other part needs the launch of CEDRE conference. I also raised with Premier Hariri the topic of the Islamist prisoners and he is interested in it on the humanitarian level and we hope to reach good results. A meeting will be held between Premier Hariri and the families of the detainees.

Source: National News Agency

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