Wednesday, 3 Jun 2020

Kuwait calls to confront child abuse

New York, Kuwait underlined the importance of cooperation and exchange of experience in confronting child abuse and neglected orphans, including their integration into society.

The remarks were made by Kuwaiti diplomat and part of the Kuwaiti delegation to UN Advisor Tahani Al-Nasser during her speech at a UN meeting late on Friday, under the slogan "Protecting children born as a result of sexual violence in conflict zones."

"Sexual violence has long-term detrimental effects on the physical, psychological, economic and social lives of victims, particularly to children and their family, environment, including victims of social stigmatisation even after the end of conflict and during peace, which undermines their enrollment into society," she said.

Al-Nasser stressed that the consequences of these crimes are unfair and cruel to victims, since in most cases these children pay the price instead of the perpetrators, including their families who may suffer social humiliation, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported.

"This social stigma against children deprives them from most basic rights, such as their right to grow in a healthy family, where some victims are forced to abandon their children forcibly, which leads them to social marginalisation," she added.

Al-Nasser also welcomed the role of the United Nations in supporting Member States to address the challenges related to sexual violence during conflicts, including joint action to enable survivors and their children to return to normal life. She also welcomed the decision of by the Special Representative to launch a new research on the issue following her visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in the launch of the national initiative to combat social stigmatisation.

Al-Nasser also expressed support to UN independent investigation team and their efforts to ensure accountability from Daesh in Iraq, which was formed in accordance with Security Council resolution 2379.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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