Tuesday, 7 Apr 2020

Mrad invites Hariri to make concessions for country’s sake

MP Abdel Rahim Mrad on Tuesday invited Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri, to take the initiative and make the needed concessions to form a new government where the independent Sunni lawmakers would be represented, in order to rescue the country's ailing economic condition.

Interviewed by Voice of Lebanon radio station, Mrad held onto the necessity that the Consultative Gathering of Sunni MPs be represented in the new Cabinet.

He also said that Caretaker Foreign Minister GebranBassil was pinning hopes on Hariri's meeting with the concerned MPs, but that he was "surprised when the PM-designate refused to set a date for the meeting."

Moreover, Mrad maintained that Bassil was still determined to resume its action aimed to reach a solution to the governmental crisis.

Source: National News Agency

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