Thursday, 2 Apr 2020

Security Authorities Foil Terrorist Attack on Intelligence Center in Zulfi, Killing All Attackers, Spokesman of the Presidency of State Security reports

Riyadh, The official spokesman of the Presidency of State Security disclosed that security authorities successfully foiled today, at (09:49 am), a terrorist attack targeting an intelligence center in Zulfi province, northern of Riyadh.

In a statement, the spokesman added that a terrorist group attempted to storm the building, affirming that the security authorities at the location managed to confront the attackers and dealt with them as required according to the situation, killing all four terrorists, whom their identities are still being verified, while three security personnel suffered minor injuries.

The spokesman stressed that the special security personnel are still working on the site to identify and assess the explosive materials that the terrorists had in their possession, pointing out that the findings would be announced later.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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