European Union adopts largest ever aid package to Lebanon

In a press release by the European Union, it said: “Today, the European Union adopted an unprecedented support package to Lebanon of Euros 165 million through the EU Regional Trust Fund.

Over the past few months, the European Union and its Member States reconfirmed their commitment to support the stability, security and economic development of Lebanon in three international conferences. This new package reflects the EU’s broader engagement to support Lebanon, strengthening its public education and social assistance systems:

– Support to public education in Lebanon: The EU has allocated Euros 100 million to strengthen the public education system and guarantee that all children have access to inclusive and quality education. The EU is working hand in hand with the Ministry of Education, its regional offices and schools, to ensure the resilience and sustainability of the Lebanese public education system.

– Support to social assistance to all vulnerable populations: The EU has allocated a further Euros 52 million to equally provide socio-economic support to vulnerable Lebanese populations and Syrian refugees. In close cooperation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and its Social Development Centres, this action will also contribute to the development of the national social assistance system for the benefit of Lebanese people.

– Support to strengthen the resilience of Palestine refugees from Syria: Euros 13 million were also earmarked to support Palestine refugees from Syria affected by the crisis. The funds will support Palestine refugees meeting their essential daily needs and coping with sudden crises.

The European Union has stepped up its support to Lebanon considerably in the past years, mobilising over Euros 1.5 billion since 2012.”

Source: National News Agency

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