Falha represents Riachy in honoring ceremony for Syndicate of Lebanese Press Directors and Graphic Designers

The Press and Graphic Designers' Alumni Association honored yesterday (Saturday) a number of veteran employees in the profession of "Graphic Design" in a ceremony held at the Conferences' Palace in Dbayeh, under the patronage of outgoing Minister of Information Melhem Riachy, represented by the Director General of the Ministry of Information Hassan Falha.

Speaking at the ceremony, Falha described the media situation in Lebanon saying, "We have a very beautiful past and a very beautiful heritage, while the present is very modest, and the future is vague if we do not trust ourselves and unite to build the future."

Falha also called on the new parliament and upcoming government to grant the media sector significant importance, especially that the print and audio-visual media are under threat.

He shed light on preserving the rights of the employees working in the Information Ministry in all its departments.

"If we are realistic and we want to respect our country and this profession, we must strengthen the conditions of social, professional, health, educational, financial and economic workers in this field," Falha noted.

In this context, he stressed the need to grant the journalists their rights, particularly at the end of their service.

Moreover, Falha called for organizing workshops to discuss the rights of the sector that constitutes the real capital and resources of Lebanon, patronized by Lebanon's President, House Speaker, Prime Minister and Minister of Information, and in the presence of the Press Syndicate.

"If we want to preserve our history, we must look to our future while rejecting the present," he said, stressing the need for legislation to address the problems of the media sector.

Source: National News Agency

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