Geagea: Compromise between Russians and Americans to ensure the return of two million refugees to Syria

There is an arrangement between the Russians and the Americans to ensure the return of about two million Syrian refugees to their land with a Russian-American guarantee," Lebanese Forces Party Leader Samir Geagea said Sunday.

"This is good news for us as Lebanese, and it is very important that the Lebanese state takes advantage of this opportunity so that Lebanon can benefit as much as possible from this agreement," he added.

"Caretaker Foreign Minister, Gibran Bassil, will visit Washington early next week, where he will have a great opportunity to reach an understanding with US officials, and then with the Russians, over Lebanon's request to give priority to the return of displaced Syrians currently residing on its territory," he went on.

"It is very important that we do not miss this opportunity and that the Foreign Ministry conducts all the necessary contacts in order to achieve the desired goal," Geagea stressed.

He concluded: "We are all with the efforts of Minister Bassil to achieve the aspired breach at a favorable moment in a dossier that has become a huge Lebanese priority."

Source: National News Agency

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