Geagea: Government to be formed in few weeks

The formation of the new government will take a few weeks not more, Lebanese Forces' leader, Samir Geagea, told an interview with Al-Arabiya channel on Tuesday.

"We are not before an irresolvable problem; nonetheless, the complications are not too easy. We are somewhere in between," Geagea said.

"I believe that the formation will take few weeks and not more," he stressed.

Turning to Yemen, the LF leader saw that the crisis was nearing an end, and that the country would have fallen in Iran's hands if it weren't for the "wise" intervention of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

Maintaining that Lebanon is still among the top interests of Saudi Arabia and UAE, Geagea ruled out any reverberation of the regional conflicts on the internal scene.

"With the escalation happening in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, we see that the domestic political scene will witness more stability, thanks to an internal agreement between all sides to keep the country away from regional events," he explained.

"I believe that Hezbollah leaders in Lebanon are aware of the danger of opening any war front from Lebanon,

Source: National News Agency

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