Geagea: Great prison has fallen, no return to custodianship era

Lebanese Forces party leader Samir Geagea tackled, in an interview with Al-Najwa Al-Masira magazine, the latest developments in Lebanon and the region, 13 years after his release on July 26, 2005, saying that “the great prison in which Lebanon was long kept has fallen, and the custodianship era is gone to no return.”

“The March 14 still exists as a project, and it is still the majority on the Lebanese arena,” he said in his interview.

“There is no scheduled meeting with Minister Gebran Bassil, and the doors of Maarab are open to everyone,” Geagea said, stressing that the Lebanese Forces adheres to the Maarab understanding, and that “political agreements only fall when both parties withdraw from them.”

The LF leader uttered best wishes to the mandate of President Michel Aoun, hoping it will be the best mandate that ever ruled Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency

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